Hybrid commercial advisory board

virtual engagement for commercial teams

Using real-time and over-time virtual engagement to get more value from HCP engagement


A US-based commercial team wanted to gain perspective on the information that should be provided to an HCP or medical practice beginning to adopt a new therapy to prescribe to patients, with the ultimate goal of creating new marketing materials.


The team conducted a multi-part session using the Within3 insights management platform. The session included a pre-meeting survey followed by a series of webcasts and concluded with a post-work session. The survey and post-work sessions were asynchronous, which allowed the advisors – 15 HCPs – to log in to the platform at any time, without interrupting their daily schedule. This format increases participation and allows advisors to engage in deep work without multitasking. The Within3 platform also enables private questions, meaning only the moderator would be able to see each advisor’s answers.
Goals for the pre-meeting survey included:

  1. Understand the benefits for physicians and patients using the new therapy 
  2. Obtain insights into physicians’ experience with the therapy at key stages of engagement – including  patient identification, prescribing, and patient counseling 
  3. Identify opportunities for success, or barriers to success, with the new therapy to inform content  development and future messaging

Advisors participated in the pre-meeting survey over three weeks, followed by small-group webcasts. After the webcasts, the advisors joined a post-work session to obtain additional context on the feedback previously provided. Again, questions were private between each advisor and the moderator.


The commercial team received 37 transcript pages of feedback from the post-work session, reflecting an opportunity that might have been missed in a standalone face-to-face session. Because the questions were private, the advisors were free to be candid in all of their responses and each had the opportunity to fully contribute. The transcript also made it easier for the team to share the results of each session with colleagues and leadership.
The live webcast meetings offered the ability for personal interaction between the advisors and the commercial team. Because the participants took part in the pre-meeting survey, the time spent in the webcast meetings was more productive. These meetings also provided ample opportunity to identify topics for follow-up during the post-work session.
The commercial team was also able to use this session to obtain permission to use quotes provided by the HCPs and to gauge their interest in providing additional consulting beyond the survey and post-work session.

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