Hybrid Resource Center for Global Rare Disease Program




A medical affairs team inside a major pharmaceutical company needed to establish a global hub that would support a number of initiatives for a rare disease program. Goals included:


  1. Host several rounds of webinars and clinical cases presented by KOLs, then hold discussions about the cases
  2. Establish an online repository where the output from the webinars and presentations can be saved and accessed by participants around the world
  3. Create awareness of upcoming planned activities throughout the year



The team established a hybrid resource center by leveraging Within3’s Insights Suite and Collaboration Suite platforms to create a unified, seamless experience between the webinars and online repository.

Over a period of several months, the team conducted multiple asynchronous sessions via the Insights Suite platform. Each week-long session consisted of a recorded video presentation by different KOLs on relevant case studies. Participants logged into the platform to review the presentations and responded to questions about the content.

The team shared the webinars and clinical cases presented in the over-time sessions in the online resource center built on Within3’s Collaboration Suite platform. Through this portal, more than 600 registered members have unlimited access to recorded webinars, clinical case presentations, and newsletters that capture key points discussed during the over-time sessions. Members also have the opportunity to be informed about upcoming lectures and participate in peer-to-peer networking and community among rare disease experts.



The medical affairs team achieved its goals for the resource center and asynchronous sessions. Members of the resource center can log in to view webinars, learn more about the featured KOLs, and access information about upcoming activities. Used together, the resource center and over-time sessions create a seamless virtual experience where all materials and resources are available.



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