How insights management supports orphan drug development

insights management for orphan drugs

Insights management for orphan drugs

The orphan drug market is growing rapidly, representing a significant commercial opportunity for pharmaceutical companies. But developing and launching an orphan drug presents several challenges, including clinical research roadblocks, small market sizes, lack of understanding of disease communities, and supply chain complexities.

How can pharma teams harness the opportunity of the growing orphan drug market most efficiently? Orphan drug incentives and guidelines offer appealing advantages, but organizations still face budget restrictions, an increasingly tight competitive landscape, and mountains of data to ingest and analyze.

An insights management platform helps pharma teams optimize R&D and streamline the orphan drug development and launch process by:

  • Streamlining and optimizing onerous development and approval processes, including manual analysis of information from multiple channels
  • Helping pharma teams better understand patient needs and ensure patient access to new treatments
  • Providing real-time insights into patient experiences and treatment outcomes, helping to refine product strategy and launch planning
  • Identifying the right KOLs for rare conditions and streamlining engagement for global experts

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