MSL Training, Neurology

A US-based medical affairs team wanted to conduct new-hire MSL training focused on neurology topics.


The MSL training consisted of deep dives into multiple topics. Goals for the training included:

  1. Understand key study data for various therapies used to treat a neurological condition
  2. Be able to discuss the development of the therapies and their histories
  3. Comprehend where the therapies fit into acute treatment of the neurological condition


The team decided to use a virtual approach to training for the first time. This decision was based on the number of complex training topics and the widespread geographical locations of the MSLs, both of which made planning a face-to-face meeting difficult.

By rolling out the training over a period of weeks, MSLs could focus on a single module at a time. During four multi-day sessions, MSLs responded to a total of 61 questions, including What are the primary endpoints in this study? and What are the most common adverse events observed in this study?


The medical affairs team was satisfied by the success of their first virtual MSL training. Results included:

  1. High participation across each of the four sessions in the training program
  2. 100% of MSLs reported that the platform was easy to use
  3. Based on the success of the training, the team adopted the virtual approach for future sessions

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