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A medical affairs team wanted to conduct an internal training session for trainers and therapeutic area managers (TAMs) to obtain input on future training sessions. Goals for the session included:

  1. Determine the right balance between push versus pull learning and critical considerations during COVID-19
  2. Gather user feedback on digital channels/features and prototypes so the learner experience is considered in future training design
  3. Understand the critical needs around training content in advance of a full-scale rollout



The team used the Within3 insights management platform to achieve the best possible results by holding an over-time training advisory board session. The medical affairs team invited 31 US-based internal participants, including trainers and TAMs, and provided a welcome video to preserve an element of personal communication.


A portion of the questions was directed to trainers only, another portion to TAMs only, and the remaining questions were open to all participants. The 17-day session included both open-ended and multiple-choice questions, including What opportunities do you see for improved peer-to-peer learning and practice? and What percentage of your training programs do you outsource to vendors? The team also used the ability to share viewable resources, including screenshots of the internal training platform, to get input on proposed new features and update their strategy accordingly.



This was the medical affairs team’s first session using the Within3 platform. Results included:

  1. Ability to immediately take actionable steps based on participant feedback – a process that usually would have taken weeks of internal discussion and alignment
  2. Agreement among the majority of participants that the online session provided more flexibility to participate versus face-to-face training
  3. Established best practices and a repeatable process for future training sessions on the virtual platform
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