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Improving market access strategy in pharma

market access strategy pharma

Getting critical feedback from experts to improve pricing strategy and market access


Building a market access strategy in pharma requires input from multiple stakeholders. Many organizations use steering committees to support these activities. However, time zone differences, travel, and scheduling can interfere with obtaining timely feedback.

A global pricing and pharmaceutical market access team needed to conduct a steering committee of health economics researchers. The committee aimed to identify access and coverage obstacles for a rare disease treatment within oncology.

To gain the necessary payer access and coverage for the treatment, the team needed to understand:

  • Feedback related to phase III trial data
  • Strengths and relevance of the clinical development plan to support payer dossier submissions
  • Why no similar therapies existed in this category
  • Impact of timing of availability of study data variances by country


To address collaboration needs and eliminate participation barriers, the team decided to obtain insights on the Within3 insights management platform.

The team conducted four virtual over-time meetings, each occurring over several days. Within3’s client success team worked with the global pricing and market access team from the early planning stages through the final execution of the four online meetings.

During the over-time meetings, steering committee participants could log in to the platform at their convenience and spend a small amount of time answering questions and contributing to the discussion each day.

The platform’s translation feature enabled advisors to communicate in their preferred language, and periodic emails reminded advisors to answer new questions or respond to comments from their peers.

Thirteen representatives from payer organizations served as advisors, and two medical affairs team leaders served as moderators. Eight additional team members served as observers. The sessions lasted 10 to 25 days and included questions like How would you rate the current patient need, given the available treatments? and What evidence would be required to receive full indication coverage and access?


The virtual approach was well-received by all participants, and the medical affairs team was pleased with the volume of feedback, which included nearly 200 transcript pages and more than 600 advisor responses. The experts provided feedback on the following:

  • Evidence needed to best support the development of the new treatment
  • Insight on strategies for evidence generation to secure positive payer assessment, market access, and reimbursement
  • Required evidence to support the approval and payer submissions

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