Optimize virtual engagement with a hybrid model

pharma virtual ad boards

There are benefits to pharma virtual ad boards – where participants can join asynchronously at a time and place of their choosing – and real-time virtual sessions happening live in the here and now. Within3 is the world’s most complete multi-synchronous virtual engagement platform, designed to provide the best of both real-time and overtime interactions to maximize every engagement. Here’s what hybrid virtual engagement looks like.


Use these simple techniques to get the best from pharma virtual ad boards, whether they’re asynchronous or real-time.

  1. Prepare and share clear pre-event communications – perhaps in an asynchronous environment where participants can help shape the agenda or offer topic ideas
  2. Create thoughtful, engaging content for asynchronous engagement – consider releasing questions or topics every few days to reduce fatigue and keep interest going
  3. Practice facilitating discussion by involving the group through interactive functions like polling,
    chat and reactions in either over-time or real-time engagements
  4. Use micro sessions and breakout rooms to give larger virtual meetings a more personal feel
  5. For live virtual meetings, consider using off-screen program elements for variety
  6. Encourage attendees to use their voices regardless of venue – provide equal time for all to contribute
  7. Clearly define team roles

To learn more about how a hybrid virtual model can help you maximize your engagement opportunities, request a demo of the Within3 insights management platform.

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