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Maximizing pharmaceutical market access

pharmaceutical market access

Identifying market access influence to increase the value of life science advisory boards and engagements.


Pharmaceutical market access is a key success factor for any product, but organizations can find it difficult to identify engagement targets to support this effort. As life science companies work to impact opinions and behaviors, community relationships and peer influence play a critical role – but are rarely considered when identifying engagement targets.

Identifying market access influence is often viewed as a separate activity from other mapping efforts. Companies tend to identify influencers based on individual attributes, like job titles or membership in essential bodies such as pharmacy and therapeutics committees. Attribute-based searches do not take into account the various relationships that form influence.


A large pharma company wanted to identify influencers they could engage specifically around market access topics.


Within3 considers market access in pharma a type of influence based on relevant expertise and relationships that impact market access decisions. These influencers are identified by conducting a sub-analysis that searches for people with expertise relevant to market access decisions – such as HEOR and guidelines work – and highlighting the relationships in this subgroup.

Job positions and organization data are also considered. This results in a list of community members likely to be called on to participate in market access strategy decisions by their scientific, medical, and business peers.

Within3 had already conducted an assessment and comprehensive mapping of the overall disease community, so a sub-analysis was conducted to find community members who could influence market access. These individuals were then ranked based on their influence in the sub-area.


The resulting analysis identified many individuals at the national, regional, and local levels, enabling the pharmaceutical company to select partners for national and institutional needs.

Some individuals were already on the client’s engagement lists and were being engaged for other purposes. In some cases, these individuals were much more highly ranked in market access than in overall disease area influence.

This led the client to revise their engagement strategy and change how they engaged certain KOLs to maximize their greater value in market access programs.

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