Gathering feedback on treatment, efficacy, and proposed messaging: HCP advisory board

HCP advisory board


A medical affairs team in Latin America held an HCP advisory board to get expert feedback on several key issues related to a specific drug used to treat a chronic condition.

The team established the following objectives:

  1. Gather feedback on therapies that reduce the risk of comorbidities in patients with the chronic condition
  2. Obtain perceptions of the safety and efficacy of the drug pertaining to comorbidities
  3. Evaluate HCP-targeted messaging for the drug


The medical affairs team used the Within3 insights management platform to convene a 10-day virtual physician advisory board with advisors from Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina. By using a virtual engagement platform, the team could eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming travel that would conflict with the advisors’ busy schedules. The session was conducted in Spanish, and the platform provided the ability to translate questions and responses into other languages when needed. Questions included Which currently available and approved therapies do you use to reduce cardiovascular risk in patients with this condition, and why? and What additional data is needed to establish a potential benefit in comorbidities with this drug?


The session resulted in a high level of physician participation and robust feedback. In addition, the medical affairs team was able to extend the session by two days to allow more time for advisors to continue to engage. By using the Within3 platform, the team met its goals, including:

  1. Obtaining detailed feedback about the physicians’ experience treating the chronic condition
  2. Recording impressions of the available data about the drug’s safety and its effect on reducing the chance of comorbidities
  3. Evaluating messaging about the drug, its mechanism of action, and other related information for HCPs

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