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Client Success

Resource center for congress highlights

share information at a medical congress

A medical affairs team within a leading global pharmaceutical company wanted to establish a way to share information generated at medical congress events with conference attendees and internal personnel – specifically, those who specialize in diabetes.


  1. Provide access to posters, abstracts, and symposium recordings in one authoritative location
  2. Share data and news post-congress to all internal attendees and interested personnel
  3. Create a space to share scientific information


The team used the Within3 insights management platform to create and host an online resource center where congress attendees and other internal personnel could share information at a medical congress. Several events are held each year, and the resource center provides the flexibility to organize and present information for each congress.

Using features of the Within3 platform, the medical affairs team can invite team members worldwide to join the resource center via email. Once members have registered and can access the resource center, they can select the congress event that interests them and view resources such as abstracts, posters, and daily summaries.

When there is new activity in the resource center directly following a congress event, members receive an email to alert them to the availability of new resources. By leveraging this email digest, the medical affairs team can spread awareness and learnings to internal personnel.


The medical affairs team has successfully used the resource center for several congress events, including ISPAD, EASD, and ADA. Posters, daily summaries, videos, and other types of content are easily accessible within a single resource center. The team met its objectives, including:

  1. Consolidating important information in one convenient location
  2. Ensuring congress news is available to internal attendees and other personnel
  3. Establishing a place to distribute scientific information

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