Medical affairs vs. an explosion of data: focusing on insights that matter

medical affairs data

More than ever, medical affairs leaders are being consulted as key strategic partners within organizations. As medical affairs data and insights become increasingly critical, the key challenge is determining how to harness data from proliferating digital channels and integrate it to provide the most value.

Based on responses from more than 200 medical affairs leaders and enriched by in-depth discussions with industry experts to explore how teams are working to process, integrate, and act on large volumes of data from various channels, this white paper:

  • Examines the tremendous opportunity medical affairs teams are stepping into within organizations
  • Looks at the tools medical affairs teams are using now, including digital insights platforms, advanced analytics and automation tools, and AI to help streamline insights management
  • Probes expert predictions for the future and the enormous potential of AI and automation as these tools advance to help medical affairs step into a leading role

Hear directly from experts from Merck, Pfizer, Astellas, Spark Therapeutics, Within3, and the Medical Affairs Professional Society as they discuss the challenges of managing accumulating data from an ever-increasing number of channels.

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