Making faster decisions with an on-call panel of experts

A commercial team established an HCP steering committee to give real-world feedback on messaging and marketing materials.


The commercial team had multiple objectives for the HCP steering committee, including maintaining engagement over the course of a year and regularly calling on them to serve in expert panel meetings. Goals included:

  1. Establish and run a holistic steering committee
  2. Create an online tool to keep committee members engaged via announcements and access to materials and resources
  3. Call on steering committee members to attend regular virtual meetings and short-notice expert panels


The team used the Within3 insights management platform and Within3’s steering committee best practices to host planned and ad hoc virtual steering committee meetings. The platform allowed committee members to contribute to the meetings conveniently from any device they chose. Between regular meetings, the team used the Within3 resource center to distribute announcements and materials to engage with the committee members consistently.

In one case, the team was able to leverage the group to provide input quickly during two virtual meetings on the Within3 online discussion platform. The HCPs were asked to provide feedback on a proposed advertisement to launch a new drug delivery format in the meetings. The 11 physicians met during two multi-day sessions to view the proposed ad and answer 11 questions about what they saw.


The pharmaceutical company quickly got the answers to their primary questions about the messaging. 100% of the advisors answered 100% of the questions and agreed that a virtual platform is an ideal option for how to run a successful steering committee. The platform’s 24/7 access made it easy to have a robust discussion and offer thoughtful feedback. From the committee’s responses, the commercial team learned:

  1. HCPs prefer advertising materials to be more patient-focused
  2. The physicians’ number one concern was efficacy
  3. Only certain patients would be good candidates for the new delivery method
  4. Some committee members wanted more physician or patient education available around the new drug delivery option

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