Value & strategic implementation of insights management

strategic implementation of insights management

The life science industry is experiencing a significant transformation – from a previous focus on sales to a more customer- and patient-centric approach. Meanwhile, the availability of big data and new technologies to extract meaning from data have positioned medical affairs teams to help their organizations understand challenges and opportunities through strategic insights capture and management. With more demands than ever on medical affairs teams and the need to prove value an ever-present challenge, how can pharmaceutical companies capture value from the strategic implementation of insights management?

This paper provides a foundational understanding of insights management, including:

  • Definition and value of insights, including the defining characteristics of an insight
  • Processes and technologies for insights management
  • Key challenges in implementation

Co-presented with the Medical Affairs Professional Society and authored by industry leaders from Eisai, AstraZeneca, and Neumora Therapeutics, this paper clarifies the difference between data and insights that drive actions, the three critical strategic steps to shape an insights management approach and five implementation steps to build a robust insights management strategy.

Increase your knowledge of insights management technology in a three-part blog series, starting with “What is insights management?

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