Oncology outlook:
3 big challenges, one solution

What challenges are oncology teams grappling with, and how can technology address them? For many organizations, the answer is a better way to manage insights from key external experts, field observations, patients, social media, and other channels. In this at-a-glance infographic, we’ve identified three top challenges in oncology drug development and how insights management technology can solve them.

Top oncology challenges:

  • Intense competition – oncology is a highly competitive market, and many pharma companies are aligning their business to prioritize this therapeutic area
  • Costly and time-consuming development processes – teams must balance safety and compliance with a need to be efficient
  • High demand and urgent need – cancer diagnoses are common, but the disease is complex, and patients don’t always respond to treatments predictably

Learn how teams like yours use an insights management platform to add agility, improve study enrollment and protocol design, and streamline the development of targeted therapies – plus, get a high-level overview of the specific tech tools that support oncology teams.

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