Unlocking the secrets of asynchronous collaboration

secrets of virtual work

Want to learn how your industry peers are getting more work done while having fewer meetings? The answer lies in adopting the concept of virtual work instead of relying on a fragmented assortment of Zoom calls, emails, Slack messages, and social posts. What can you accomplish when you unlock the secrets of virtual work?

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why virtual work is more than just a meeting – it’s a combination of elements that can be used to create end-to-end virtual engagement and collaboration opportunities
  • How to shift face-to-face tasks to a virtual environment, with participants logging in and working towards objectives at their convenience
  • Virtual engagement strategies to fit the varied cadence of different projects, from a week-long asynchronous session for feedback to a month-long engagement with global KOLs for patient case studies
  • Why adding more Zoom calls can slow down work and lead to digital fatigue, which can be alleviated by shifting structured discussions to a virtual work platform
  • The importance of an insights management platform that is specific to life science and designed for focused discussion, rather than a general business tool used by every industry
  • The difference between virtual meetings (transactional, just a venue, self-service, and not tailored to life science) and virtual work (specific to life science, made for humans, and designed for focused discussion)

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