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Client Success

Insights management for medical device teams

medical device advisory board

A medical affairs team wanted to hold a medical device advisory board to obtain feedback from a group of physicians experienced in treating a specific type of neurological injury and a condition related to the injury. The team wanted to present details about a new therapy option — a portable medical device — to treat the related condition, then gather the physicians’ thoughts on the new therapy.


  1. Understand the current treatment landscape for the condition
  2. Present clinical trial data for a new medical device to treat the condition
  3. Understand potential barriers around recommending the device and refine educational materials


Along with gathering feedback about treating the injury-related condition, the medical affairs team wanted the ability to introduce the new portable medical device to physicians in a person-to-person format. The team decided to use the Within3 insights management platform to hold two over-time virtual advisory board sessions and one live webcast.

In the first week-long advisory board session, the medical affairs team gathered perceptions and insights on the treatment of the injury-related condition using currently available therapies. Questions in this session included What is your current standard of care for treating patients with this condition? and Are there any emerging treatments or investigational devices you wish you had access to?

After the first over-time session, the team held a live webcast to present clinical trial data and details about the portable medical device. After the webcast, physicians answered questions about their impressions of the new device in a second week-long session. Discussion questions included How do you see yourself or your institution incorporating this device? and What do you believe are barriers to the use of this device?


The session resulted in a high level of engagement from the participating physicians, with 100% of participants agreeing that the platform enabled them to perform their role efficiently and effectively. By using the Within3 platform, the medical affairs team:

  1. Met its stated objectives to understand the treatment landscape and present clinical trial data
  2. Solidified and confirmed educational communications about the injury-related condition
  3. Planned to execute additional sessions for therapists, physiatrists, and payers

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