Virtual = Global

For medical affairs professionals, virtual engagement opens the door to new, more diverse global audiences.

According to a recent Reuters Health survey:


of medical affairs professionals say a virtual setting provided the ability to invite a more diverse/global group of participants


said a benefit of virtual interaction was reaching new audiences

What’s the impact of increased diversity?

Increase volume, value, and variety of insight.

People from different backgrounds, with varied experiences, bring new perspectives that can change the course of product development and patient care.

Focus on results, not logistics.

Instead of asking how many people you can afford to invite to an advisory board, ask how many people you need to provide insight that drives your strategy.

Accelerate your processes.

What could your team accomplish if you could plan and execute advisory boards in weeks rather than months, or convene contracted KOLs in a matter of days?

Increase patient centricity.

Adding more data points to your scientific process can transform what you believe to be true, with positive impacts for patients. In virtual settings, patients are comfortable, candid, and most importantly, included.

To learn more about how medical affairs teams are using virtual engagement as part of a holistic insights management strategy to transform their work, download the comprehensive survey results and report.

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