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How to have a successful virtual publications steering committee

publications steering committee


A pharmaceutical company convened a publications steering committee online to determine the publication strategy for a phase III clinical trial.

The pharmaceutical company had the following objectives for the steering committee:

  1. State the goals of the publications steering committee
  2. Review publication objectives and publication activity to date
  3. Discuss the content of publications as well as target journals


The company used Within3’s insights management platform to reduce time zone and language barriers between U.S. and European participants. In the 16-day session, steering committee members answered 20 questions at their convenience, including Is the proposed journal for the manuscript appropriate? and What analyses/datasets related to the management of this condition would fill an unmet clinical need? With built-in features like a daily digest email and the ability to “nudge” members who had yet to contribute, moderators could ensure the deepest level of insight. The platform also enabled the company to provide reference materials in a secure viewer designed to prevent unauthorized distribution.


The committee discussed questions related to several upcoming submissions, including audience identification and recommendations for target journals or congresses. The pharmaceutical company achieved its goals for the steering committee meeting, with several key benefits:

  1. Obtained robust feedback from committee members
  2. Created a publications plan that optimized viewership
  3. Established a scalable, repeatable process for committee meetings
  4. Maintained the security of proprietary information

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