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A better way to host Steering Committees and Panels .

Engage with steering committees and panel members throughout the year or at a moment’s notice. Our virtual 24/7 environment lets stakeholders interact on their own schedule, allowing more time to read resources and consider answers before participating. And it’s never been easier for committee chairpersons to organize materials, post feedback and answer questions—all within a highly secure environment.

Resource center

A single place for every resource

Organize all resources in one secure place, giving stakeholders easy access whenever they need it. Send reminders, prompt deeper discussions, and monitor participation to get the results you need.

Scheduled and ad hoc virtual meetings

Virtual meeting management

Schedule, execute, and archive virtual meetings on a single platform—giving committee members a single destination for virtual interaction. Use pre-recorded video, upload resources, and gather feedback with a variety of question types and prompts.

Asynchronous discussions

24/7 Environment

Give steering committees and panel members and panelists the option to participate in meetings at their convenience—for deep engagement without the scheduling hassles.

Client success

See how a steering committee provided expert feedback to a commercial team.

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