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A better way to host
Steering Committees and Panels

Engage with steering committees and panel members throughout the year or at a moment’s notice. Our virtual 24/7 environment lets stakeholders interact on their own schedule, allowing more time to read resources and consider answers before participating. And it’s never been easier for committee chairpersons to organize materials, post feedback and answer questions—all within a highly secure environment.


A single place for
every resource

Organize all resources in one secure place,
giving stakeholders easy access whenever
they need it. Send reminders, prompt deeper
discussions, and monitor participation to
get the results you need.


Virtual meeting

Schedule, execute, and archive virtual
meetings on a single platform—giving
committee members a single destination
for virtual interaction. Use pre-recorded
video, upload resources, and gather feedback
with a variety of question types and prompts.


24/7 Environment

Give steering committees and panel
members and panelists the option
to participate in meetings at their
convenience—for deep engagement
without the scheduling hassles.

See how a steering
committee provided
expert feedback to a
commercial team.

Read the Case Study

Business Results

Accelerated insights

Virtually engage participants on a
flexible platform for shorter
turnaround times—and get to the
important stuff faster. Get better
results with more frequent and
more effective touchpoints to
support your strategy.

User-friendly engagement

Our virtual platform allows
committee members to contribute
where and when they want to,
and delivers a single place for all
their discussions, meetings and
resources. Ensure all participants
are up-to-date, fully informed,
and aware of your objectives.

Fewer logistical headaches

Our 24/7 environment and unified
meeting platform make it easier
than ever to schedule and execute
meetings and panels. Harness
ultimate flexibility to support
your team’s unique needs and
ultimate business goals.

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