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Within3 for med comms agencies

Within3 works with agencies to provide their clients with a world-class insights management platform, including KOL identification, social listening, and virtual and live virtual engagement on our market-leading asynchronous discussion platform.

To learn first-hand how Within3 works directly with our agency partners, read about our success in conducting effective KOL identification and engagement, increasing the volume and specificity of KOL feedback in medical communications programs, and adding more value for clients.


Why Within3?

  • Trusted by 20 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies
  • 70,000+ patients and HCPs have engaged with life science companies on the Within3 platform
  • 3-7x feedback vs. typical engagements, plus automated analysis and reporting
  • Secure and compliant – 70% of the world’s top 50 drugs are discussed securely on Within3
  • Always-included customized support
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Flexible solutions

Support your clients as they navigate the full product lifecycle. Within3 has solutions to help support any strategic program your agency develops, from pre-clinical to launch and post-market monitoring. Our team works with agency partners to customize many types of engagements, including:

Clinical R&D

Medical Affairs


R&D strategy Study determination
Data review
Content & insights Advisory boards
Content review
Market access
Steering committees
Content & insights Advisory boards
Content review
Market access
Steering committees
Clinical trial design Protocol development
Patient-centric trials
Payer insights
Publication planning Steering committees
Manuscript development
Speaker programs Virtual education
Speaker communities
Clinical operations Investigator communities
Investigator meetings
Safety review boards
Site training
Medical information Information piece
Message testing Focus groups
Concept review
MSL field force MSL training
MSL insights
Congress huddle
Commercial strategy Strategy formation
Field force engagement


Success in every session

You’ll have full access to Within3’s client success team to ensure success in every single session your clients complete on the Within3 platform. With all of the varied, high-priority projects your clients need to complete, a single, flexible platform is a straightforward solution for every virtual engagement need.

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Help your clients achieve better engagement.

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