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Solving the life science insight gap

Within3 Insights Management Platform

Faster, more confident business decisions for pharmaceutical teams.
Making decisions based on limited or outdated information negatively impacts product launches, compromises timelines and budgets, and introduces compliance risks.

The Within3 insights management platform gathers, integrates, and analyzes insights better than any other product on the market, reducing insight reporting from months to days and removing 90% of the associated workload. The result? You understand the authentic voice of the customer and enable your team to impact strategy faster than ever before.

Key Benefits of The Within3 Insights Management Platform

Get answers. Understand your disease community and key market opportunities. Get visibility into critical trends on social media and engage your market more effectively to drive faster answers to your critical questions.

Identify and engage. Find the voices you haven’t heard thanks to sophisticated disease community network analytics, and power global HCP conversations and collaboration with in-platform translation and anytime accessibility. Gain real-time summaries of ongoing conversations that enable you to act quickly with follow-up questions and discussions to drive more insights. Accelerate sharing summaries internally so you can refine team conversations before the discussion concludes.

Drive better decisions. Better conversations and better data lead to confident decisions. Gain 3-7x the feedback in each stakeholder engagement, get deeper insight into your disease community, and ultimately gain an aggregated view of disease community insights, social insights, and engagement insights with included reporting capabilities.

Deep Industry expertise

70,000+ patients and HCPs have engaged with the industry on Within3

20 of the top 20 global pharma companies trust Within3’s compliance and security features

70% of the world’s top 25 drugs are discussed on Within3

Key Features of The Within3 Insights Management Platform

Gather and analyze insights from multiple sources

  • Pre-filtered disease community landscape, with US treatment patterns and locations of HCP influence
  • Year-round social listening for insight into trending conversations across digital spaces
  • Disease community analytics reveal connections in the healthcare network to determine key connectors and engage the most relevant voice
  • Engage all audience types in one effective, easy-to-use platform


Drive better engagements

  • Asynchronous conversation enables participants to collaborate across time zones and give more thoughtful responses
  • In-conversation translation into 100+ languages and full product translation
  • Anonymous and private questions support compliant conversations and reduce risk of bias or influence
  • Document annotation and co-creation features tailored to life science engagement
  • Expert video conference production to produce sophisticated live, virtual conversations


Accelerate your strategy

  • Data analysts who custom-define your specific disease community
  • AI-powered engagement moderator assistant enables quick follow-up questions and discussions to drive more insights, share ongoing summaries internally, and accelerate internal conversations as engagements happen
  • Dedicated team to help you analyze incoming insights that drive answers
  • Client success team helps build a 12-month strategy that evolves with you

Ready to get better insights and make faster decisions?