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Within3 Insights Management Platform for Clinical Teams

Clinical development and operations teams are consistently challenged to innovate under tight budgets and timelines while adhering to regulatory guidance and navigating complex approval processes. Optimizing trial strategy has never been more critical.

The Within3 Insights management platform helps clinical teams collect, organize, and analyze information in one place, uniting different information streams and quickly surfacing key concepts to enable effective trial design.

Key Benefits of Within3 IMP for Clinical Teams

Better understand your market.

Gain a clearer picture of specific therapeutic areas with a pre-filtered disease community landscape, including US treatment patterns and locations of HCP influence to make more precise determinations about site selection.

Get more insights, from more perspectives, all year long.

Have rich conversations with more diverse, global participants. Give participants a productive conversation and collaboration experience that works with their schedules and yields thoughtful responses with the ability to follow up and probe for more information. Engage HCPs, payers, patients, and more across timezones, in their own languages, and anonymously – without fear of hierarchy bias, privacy concerns, or non-compliance.

Accelerate turning insights into answers.

Improve management and analysis of HCP conversations so you can quickly identify trending concepts and make confident decisions. Your dedicated data science team helps analyze incoming insights to move your strategy forward.

Choose from dozens of use cases or custom-configure

Clinical trial protocol review

Investigator training

Patient engagement

Why Insights Management?

Unlock the transformative power of insights