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November 19, 2021

Event recap: Closing the insight gap in medical affairs

The insight-gathering process is increasingly complex. How can medical affairs teams streamline the process?
medical affairs insight gap

Insights and engagement drive value in medical affairs. For most field medical teams, this is the lens through which all activity is viewed. Insights from varied sources are difficult to gather, and engagement is challenging to maintain. How can teams address closing the medical affairs insight gap?

Challenges to medical affairs teams include busy schedules for KOLs and HCPs, an increased emphasis on global outreach, and access to emerging specialist areas. These factors contribute to a more fragmented insight-gathering process.

But with the aid of insights management platforms like Within3, MSL teams can streamline the insight process and engage KOLs in a more efficient way. As a result, teams can also make more informed decisions.

Recently, Luke Rogers, Senior Director, Business Partnerships at Within3 spoke at the Evidence Life Science event on how medical affairs teams can close the insight gap within their organization.

In the event, Luke discusses:

  • The role of digital platforms as a tool to reach a destination, not a destination in themselves
  • How platforms like Within3 assist in surfacing and capturing insights
  • Live feedback from the audience of the problems they face capturing and acting on insights

Watch the event.

Closing the Medical Affairs Insights Gap from Within3 on Vimeo.

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