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Online advisory boards
that deliver 3-7x more feedback.

Within3’s virtual advisory boards deliver insights that other engagements can’t – with 24/7 accessibility, structured dialogue, and total security and compliance. Plus, our AI-powered
Moderator Assistant saves you time. It’s so much more than just another ad board.

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24/7 Environment

Open for days or weeks and accessible on any device, so moderators and advisors can engage on their own time – globally. Strengthen KOL relationships, engage healthcare professionals, boost patient engagement, and reach peers and internal stakeholders worldwide.


Built for maximum

Practical features like email digests and group messages remind advisors to log in, contribute, and respond – prompting deeper, more actionable insights in one easy-to-use engagement platform. As discussion occurs, our Moderator Assistant highlights important takeaways to help you work faster.


One platform.
Many ways to

Gather feedback more efficiently with open-ended questions, document annotation, and real-time co-authoring. Within3’s versatile platform is custom-built to home in on the insights you need from advisors.

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See how a medical affairs team got 3-4x novel insights vs. a traditional ad board.

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Business Results

Deeper insights

Give stakeholders time to consider
answers and formulate responses
—for richer, more meaningful

Fewer logistical headaches

Time zones and language
differences are no longer barriers
to hosting global conversations,
with instant translation in a round
-the-clock environment.

Better decisions

With better, faster insights you’ll
have the information you need to
work smarter and more efficiently
—right at your fingertips.

We’ve got pharmaceutical virtual advisory boards down to a science.

All of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies count on Within3 to accelerate R&D, medical affairs, and commercial teams in bringing new therapies to market. Why? Our clients regularly report more (and more valuable) feedback and better participation rates in their HCP and KOL advisory boards. That’s by design – easy-to-use features, customizable alerts to bring participants back, and a powerful moderator dashboard that lets you gauge progress.

Best of all, your dedicated client success team will work with you to ensure every discussion aspect is designed to help you reach your goals. (That support is always included, by the way – no month-to-month support packages here.)

Why Within3 for your next virtual advisory board?

With our insights management platform, you’ll have access to effective, fully supported virtual advisory boards that are proven to generate more feedback than in-person or live virtual meetings – 3-7 times more – so you can accomplish more in less time. Along the way, your client success team will work to tailor your ad boards to achieve your specific goals.

Plus, you can access robust functionality like social listening, a disease community dashboard, and AI-powered tools to analyze accumulated observations and guide your next steps.

Benefits of Within3 for pharmaceutical advisory board sessions

  • Receive deeper, richer insights and engagement
  • Moderator Assistant cuts your moderation, analysis, and reporting workload by 90%
  • Time zones and language differences are no longer barriers to global conversations
  • Give stakeholders time to consider answers and formulate valuable responses
  • Incorporate additional resources, including video, slides, articles, or study data
  • Automatic prompts and a central moderator keep stakeholders active and engaged
  • Ad boards are more powerful on Within3’s complete insights management platform

Three quick tips for a better virtual advisory board

  • Consider including a pre-recorded welcome video or presentation to reiterate your objectives and expectations
  • Try a hybrid approach with both asynchronous and real-time discussion before or after the session
  • Provide pre-reading materials so participants are prepared and ready to contribute

Here’s what the industry is saying about Within3

More insights, lower cost

“We confidently estimate
double the cost savings and double
the volume and specificity of insights
from KOL programs run on Within3.”

A better KOL experience

“Advisors can spend more time in the
clinic and at home while still
contributing to medical
innovation and education.”

More strategic decisions

“We want to make sure we are
filling data gaps…the lessons that we
will really be the undercurrent
for the education we put out.”

More than a typical ad board solution

Within3’s insights management platform gathers, integrates, and analyzes insights, reducing reporting from months to days and eliminating 90% of the workload. Companies use Within3 to drive strategy-impacting decisions up to 3x faster and ensure the customer’s voice is heard across the enterprise. From clinical trial advisory board meetings to post-market commercial ad boards, Within3’s holistic platform moves your organization closer to a single, centralized way of managing insights.

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