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AI for medical affairs

AI for medical affairs: opportunity in acceleration and insight

Artificial intelligence for medical affairs is creating disruption
digital opinion leaders

New 2024 guide to digital opinion leaders: how to work with them to get better insights

DOLs are already influencing your audience. Here’s everything
AI add value to medical affairs

Where does AI add value to medical affairs?

Experts from Astellas, Roche, Spark, and UCB share
insights management white paper

Harnessing potential and meeting the challenge of insights management

Medical affairs is pharma’s enterprise-wide influencer and foundational
AI is evolving

From data analysis to actionable insights: how AI in pharma is evolving

It all started with spreadsheets. Where are we
amplify patient voices

Amplifying patient voices in pharma

Medical affairs leaders discuss the state of patient
pharmaceutical advisory boards

Core elements of high-value, high-efficiency pharmaceutical advisory boards

life science content engagement

Within3 in MeetingsNet

Our partnership extends engagement capabilities for pharma teams,
ai focused strategy

What are the essentials of an AI-focused strategy in medical affairs?

Five recommendations for successful AI integration.