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true value of patient insights

Patient insights are valuable and should be prioritized as a critical piece of any insight-gathering strategy.

Q&A with CEO Lance Hill

Who’s the boss? According to our own boss, CEO Lance Hill: customers, investors, and employees all have critical roles.

tech talent for healthcare

Healthcare technology companies are focusing on how to attract and retain tech talent.

tech for pharma oncology

CEO Lance Hill discusses how technology can help pharma companies navigate oncology market challenges.

medical affairs data management

The pitfalls of medical affairs data management and what the future might hold for teams that can adapt.

orphan drug challenges

Advanced technology can help the pharmaceutical industry work through the inherent challenges of orphan drug development.

AI in pharma news

Innovative applications for AI are making news in the pharma industry. Here's an update on the latest.

insights innovation for medical affairs

Medical affairs organizations are seeking effective applications for advanced technologies.

august 2023 product updates

New AI-driven Moderator Assistant changes how pharmaceutical companies approach insight gathering, engagement, and critical decision-making processes.

data quality in life science

How data quality can impact life science AI adoption.

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