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April 13, 2022

One to watch: Most Innovative Virtual Engagement Programs

Catch up with us on video from events you may have missed. In this edition, hear about three real-world medical affairs programs with impact.
innovative medical affairs engagements

During the last two years, the demands of remote and virtual workflows introduced useful tools to medical affairs teams around the world. But too often, those tools remained siloed and not integrated into strategic processes that drive efficient, high-quality, results-driven work. How are life science teams getting better results with innovative medical affairs engagements?

In a recent FiercePharma webinar, Within3 VP of Learning and Development Natalie DiMambro and CEO Lance Hill shared core elements and outcomes from three innovative pharmaceutical medical affairs programs. Broadly speaking, these programs were successful due to the right blend of asynchronous and live virtual tools – including on-demand video, live webcasts, asynchronous meetings, document collaboration, 24/7 discussion boards, and emails and phone interviews – applied to results-based medical affairs collaboration.

The key to successful insights management lies in finding the right mix of those tools and deploying them within the right platform to achieve impactful results, such as increased diversity and inclusion, a lower overall cost of engagement, a tighter focus on patient-centricity, building stakeholder relationships, and measurable sustainability improvements.

In this 60-minute webinar, learn about real-life use cases, including innovative approaches to:
Gathering MSL feedback on important literature pre-launch
Engaging digital opinion leaders to gauge familiarity with specific digital tools
Understanding the effects of a medical condition on patients of different ethnicities in a private environment where participants could participate candidly

Watch the video or dive deeper into why your peers are using hybrid engagement.

Webinar: Most Innovation Virtual Engagement Programs from Within3 on Vimeo.

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