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June 21, 2021

Event recap: Fierce Medical Affairs Strategic Summit

Hybrid engagements are the gold standard for medical affairs KOL engagement. Why? Diversity, cross-functional connectivity, and more comprehensive feedback.

If the past 12 months taught us anything, it’s that a hybrid approach combining live and over-time engagement has significant ROI for pharma KOL engagement. Among the top benefits:

  • Higher volumes of input from more diverse groups of advisors
  • Easier collaboration for cross-functional groups that don’t typically attend the same events
  • More comprehensive feedback without hierarchy influence, bias, or schedule disruption
  • Reduced cost and lower environmental impact

At the recent Fierce Medical Affairs Strategic Summit, Petra Loesch, Director, Medical Affairs, BeiGene Global joined Within3’s Amy Pinelli, Regional VP, Business Partnerships to take a deeper dive into the impact of hybrid engagement on one oncology team’s medical affairs KOL engagement program.

According to Loesch, the team took a “step back” in interactions with outside collaborators. “Every meeting with KOLs needs to be considerate of their time with very clear purpose and objectives. A hybrid approach inclusive of virtual meetings has made our KOL engagements more meaningful.”

Watch the video.

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