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November 12, 2020

VEP Spotlight Series: Innovative BioPharma

In a virtual session, a Within3 agency partner helped a client drive 3x the contributions they typically received during in-person sessions.
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In-person meetings for medical associations and pharmaceutical manufacturers are on hiatus, but innovative therapies, vaccines, and global dissemination of the latest scientific findings can’t take a pause. Medical associations also need to continue to develop and disseminate learnings and marketing guidance to members in a nearly all-virtual environment.

“We are starting to see burnout in our clients’ on-camera activities,” said Christine Canevari, account manager at Innovative BioPharma LLC. “While relationship-building in this environment is more difficult for medical product managers and commercial teams than in-person meetings and events, we are seeing benefits to insight gathering in a hybrid or asynchronous approach.”

Innovative BioPharma serves the pharmaceutical, bioscience, and nutrition markets with marketing, communications, and consulting services focused on developing and executing innovative solutions to drive product share for its clients. “Our work is of the highest value when the healthcare professionals we work with see us as an extension of our clients,” said Canevari. “We act as a conduit to the Within3 platform and to our clients, so healthcare professionals understand program goals, platform capabilities, and their role in generating the insights or delivering the knowledge needed in a mostly remote global environment.”

The virtual advantage: more convenience, less disruption

Canevari recently completed Within3’s Virtual Engagement Partner training, designed to help agency partners ensure their life science clients get the most benefit from their Within3 license. “The vast majority of our clients’ advisors find the platform useful,” she said. “And, because they do not have to travel and the platform accommodates their own pace and schedule, they can spend more time in the clinic and at home while still contributing to medical innovation and education.”

Even after business travel resumes, Canevari believes the shift to virtual engagement will continue to be an option, and in some cases preferred. In a recent virtual advisory board session on the Within3 platform, an Innovative BioPharma client was able to gather nearly three times as much input as they did in past in-person sessions.

“Within3’s platform combines five or six functions into one, which improves ease of access and increases engagement with global medical affairs teams and educational organizations at scale…The combination of the platform’s fluency and Within3’s client support is key to the provision of value and innovation for our clients,” said Canevari. “Having multiple layers of program caretakers provides tremendous value to our clients.”

If you would like to know more about how the Virtual Engagement Platform certification program can help you add value to your clients’ product development and commercialization activities, contact us.

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