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August 1, 2023

Within3 announces significant updates that eliminate up to 90% of analysis & reporting time

New AI-driven Moderator Assistant changes how pharmaceutical companies approach insight gathering, engagement, and critical decision-making processes.
august 2023 product updates

Within3 today announced a major step forward in delivering business impact through artificial intelligence (AI) in the drug commercialization arena. The company’s updated insights management platform, built on proven AI capabilities and unique to the market, allows life science companies to rethink how they engage audiences, drive insights, and iterate on business strategies.

Within3 is expanding its industry-leading group engagement applications suite with an AI-powered Moderator Assistant, providing 3-7x more real-time feedback versus typical methods like web conferences or in-person meetings and dramatically reducing the time and effort required to monitor and analyze insights.

“Our goal is to remove 90% of the work and cost from the process of gathering, analyzing, and integrating insights while at the same time improving insight quality and decision-making,” said Lance Hill, Within3 CEO. “We have a significant lead over any other company in the life science market in understanding insights management, and innovations like this are helping us fundamentally change how our customers can effectively bring new therapies to the patients that need them.”

The new version of Within3’s Insights Management Platform also includes a completely redesigned group engagement experience focused on further maximizing physician and patient participation. The new system is based on behavioral data from 70,000+ HCP and patient advisor users and Within3’s 15 years of partnership with the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

In its first week of availability, 23 pharmaceutical companies have already begun upgrading to the new release, with more expected in the coming weeks.

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