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Client Success

Accelerating product development with better insights

accelerate pharma product development

Shortening the product development process with more productive engagements that yield higher-quality feedback.


A commercial team at a top pharma company wanted to obtain feedback from physician KOLs about a future product concept. The team had the following objectives:

  1. Understand the KOLs’ impressions of the product
  2. Identify the important healthcare system stakeholders who would participate in and influence buying decisions for the product
  3. Understand any benefits and concerns related to the product

“The participants were so passionate and involved that we asked about who would want to still be involved in the project, or if they had colleagues who would want to give feedback. We’re starting to think bigger about how we can continue to engage these KOLs.” – Client team lead


The commercial team used the Within3 insights management platform to effectively and efficiently gather actionable insights from the KOLs. In a 21-day session, nine physicians answered 30 questions in five different focus areas. Before the session’s start, the KOLs attended a live, 30-minute orientation webcast.

The asynchronous virtual meeting featured multiple question types, including open-ended and ranking questions, to maintain engagement and vary the content throughout the session. The commercial team also used the platform’s capability to include video within the session to create a stronger connection with the participating KOLs.

Required videos were included at the beginning of each focus area, and the presentation of resource slides was available with and without an on-demand video recording, in addition to a video from one of the pharmaceutical company’s product development partners.

“We initially thought that we would need to do a number of follow-up advisory boards after this. As it turns out, we’re in a really good place. It streamlined our efforts and also helped us reduce costs because we don’t have to do another ad board. That was a great benefit.” – Client team lead


Before the asynchronous meeting, the commercial team anticipated conducting follow-up advisory boards to dive deeper into the topics introduced in this session. However, due to the quality and volume of feedback collected from the KOLs, the team achieved more within a shorter period of time and changed project direction accordingly.

By using the Within3 insights management platform, the commercial team achieved the following:

  1. Met originally stated objectives around gathering physician impressions of the product, identifying stakeholders by title, and understanding potential benefits and concerns
  2. Streamlined internal processes around bringing the product to market, saving time and costs
  3. Expanded plans to involve KOLs going forward as possible pilot program participants and future product advocates/champions

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