American College of Gastroenterology GI Circle Communities

Using hybrid virtual engagement to extend the impact of feedback gathered in asynchronous and  real-time interactions


ACG offers members various opportunities to connect and collaborate online, including the ACG GI Circles— a group of virtual communities geared toward various specialties or areas of interest in the GI field. The goals of the GI Circles include:

  1. Establish professional networking communities that meet the clinical, professional, and practice management needs of ACG members
  2. Provide an easily accessible platform where members can collaborate with colleagues on various topics and issues related to the GI profession, reach GI experts, and access ACG tools and resources
  3. Ensure the safety, privacy, and security of members, their posts, and information related to clinical best practices.


The ACG GI Circles are built on Within3’s insights management platform, which has allowed ACG members to evolve, learn and grow for over a decade. Members primarily use the community to:

  1. Engage with experts on clinical challenges and the latest science in the GI field.
  2. Share experiences and stay in line with emerging news and trends
  3. Connect with colleagues to discuss new research presented at ACG meetings or issues such as healthcare policy and practice management

ACG members who accept the invitation to join the GI Circles have access to recent activity updates in different areas of the community: featured discussions, news spotlights, a journal forum, professionalism, and wellness information, and practice management updates. Members can serve as community stewards, participate in polls, ask questions, participate in peer-to-peer discussions, and participate in subcommittees focused on specific disease states or organs. They can also set preferences to receive periodic email updates about the community and its content.


Community administrators can monitor the volume of member activity across various areas of the community and use periodic email digests to alert members to updates, news, and ongoing discussions or polls. Currently, the community includes more than 5,000 members who log in to share information, ask questions, and interact with colleagues. The community’s content and reach expand year over year, reinforcing ACG as the go-to information source and online space for members.

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