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Client Success

Adding value to in-person with a virtual advisory board

oncology advisory board


A Europe-based medical affairs team within a leading global pharmaceutical company wanted to obtain opinions and feedback on key study data presented at a medical congress. The team already planned to conduct a face-to-face oncology advisory board with one group of experts, but also wanted to solicit feedback from a different group of oncologists who normally would not have been included in the face-to-face meeting.

The team’s objectives included:

  1. Gather first impressions of survival data in the study
  2. Understand opinions about data related to a specific class of drugs
  3. Learn about different patient treatment strategies
  4. Obtain the oncologists’ personal experience with a particular therapy


The team decided to use the Within3 insights management platform to conduct a virtual meeting with the second group of oncologists, which would complement the face-to-face meeting that was already planned.

Questions in the virtual meeting included What is your personal experience with the following situations regarding this therapy? and What would you see as educational needs on this therapy for oncology nurses?


By using the Within3 insights management platform to solicit feedback from an additional group of oncologists, the medical affairs team was able to get more insight into the issues that were important to them. Although the virtual meeting was planned within a short period of time, the oncologists were still able to participate because they were not required to travel and could contribute on their own schedule. The medical affairs team also noted that the ability to get a transcript organized by discussion topic and by participant was superior to traditional ways of recording impressions, such as note-taking during a face-to-face meeting.

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