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Improving the journal club experience and outcomes

journal club examples

Virtual journal club examples to guide your next successful journal club meeting


A medical affairs team wanted to launch a training initiative to support a continuous learning curriculum for MSLs. Goals included:

  1. Share journal articles for review and discussion
  2. Allow MSLs to share their insights and expertise for collaborative team learning


The team held a virtual journal club on the Within3 insights management platform to enable effective peer-to-peer interaction. This provided several benefits, including:

  1. Asynchronous format enabled MSLs to log in at any time and contribute to the conversation without interrupting their schedules
  2. Features like replies, tagging, group messaging, and periodic email digests kept participants engaged throughout the session
  3. Ability to host a pre-recorded training video in case any participants needed more information about how to use the platform

The asynchronous journal club session took place over a period of six weeks, with two articles posted every two weeks. Once the articles were posted, the MSLs could download them and then respond to questions about the content. The participants shared general feedback and more specific insights, including what they found most compelling about the articles and which findings presented in the articles related to issues that were important to them.


The virtual journal club had good participation from the MSLs, and the session moderator was able to proactively communicate with the participants through the platform’s group messaging feature. The MSLs believed they benefited from diving deeper into journal articles and discussing key takeaways with their peers. “By interacting with others,” said one participant, “it is easier to understand the positioning in the article and learn the context.”

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