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Client Success

Asynchronous global speaker training session

oncology speaker training

Creating a learning platform to act as a speaker training tool for international teams.


A medical education team wanted to create a virtual early breast cancer (EBC) oncology speaker training platform for trainees and HCPs worldwide. Session goals included the following:

  1. To create a learning platform where trainees can access training materials
  2. To encourage trainees to interact with fellow participants from around the world
  3. To encourage trainees to question faculty members


A speaker training session was an unusual use case for Within3 and an unfamiliar exercise for the client team. But both parties recognized that the Within3 insights management platform could prove the ideal tool to connect a truly global group of trainees, moderators, and faculty experts. Within3 enabled the medical education team to host a series of training questions split across ten chapters and resources such as hyperlinked documents, QR codes, videos, and more to give trainees the best possible learning experience. The session was hosted asynchronously and included in-platform translation functionality, so trainees and HCPs could participate at times that worked for them and in their preferred languages.

As well as the asynchronous portion of the training session, the team hosted live kick-off and follow-up meetings, where trainees could practice the skills they’d learned during the session.


The EBC speaker training session proved an unexpected hit with both trainees and moderators – demonstrating the flexibility of the Within3 insights management platform. Typical training sessions see participants log on to a platform, download the learning materials, and log off again – but this session saw outstanding participation levels from moderators and trainees alike, generating an incredible 2,433 responses. Trainees frequently returned to the platform to interact with one another and respond to moderators’ follow-up questions.

“I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the training. I found it really educational and a real deep dive.” – Trainee participant, Belgium

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