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Client Success

Obtaining deeper insights in the pre-clinical stage

reducing pre-clinical timelines

Using an insights management platform to get insights from a global multi-disciplinary steering committee.


A medical director was charged with exploring how a specific treatment might be a viable therapy in other disease areas while reducing pre-clinical timelines. The medical director convened a global multi-disciplinary steering committee to explore potential needs and how the organization might set up a clinical trial. Goals for the committee included:

  1. Obtain advice on potential additional indications for the treatment
  2. Discuss unmet medical needs and clinical characteristics of various diseases
  3. Determine additional potential therapeutic applications for the treatment


To delve as deeply as possible into the discussion and maximize the value of the steering committee’s time, the medical director used the Within3 insights management platform to conduct a multi-part hybrid virtual engagement. This format uses real-time virtual engagements, such as webcasts to augment asynchronous discussions that take place over a longer period and allow advisors to take part whenever it is most convenient for them.

The engagement began with a one-week asynchronous pre-read session, in which advisors answered 13 questions about specific diseases where the treatment might be applied. The pre-read session was followed by a two-hour kickoff webcast, with multiple options available for advisors worldwide. Following the kickoff meeting, all of the advisors were invited to participate in a two-week asynchronous discussion session to provide further medical and scientific input. Finally, the steering committee reconvened in real-time for a 90-minute summary and conclusion meeting.


The hybrid approach allowed the medical director to make the best use of the steering committee’s time, accommodate advisors in all parts of the world, and efficiently move through the process in less than one month. Key takeaways included:

  1. Ability to retain peer-to-peer interaction through powerful live virtual touchpoints
  2. Opportunity for advisors to work in the asynchronous session at their own pace, according to their own schedule, and for each person to contribute equally
  3. Closing webcast allowed the group to reconvene and determine how to proceed.

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