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Client Success

Commercial advisory board, infectious disease


A US-based commercial team within a global pharmaceutical company wanted to gather insight from physicians who specialize in treating a specific type of infectious disease. Primary objectives included:

  1. Obtain feedback on newly developed physician-focused marketing materials for a specific drug used to treat the disease
  2. Gather input specific to patients who discontinued use of the drug or those who are new to this type of drug
  3. Elicit input on copay messaging


The commercial team used Within3’s insights management platform to hold a week-long, online advisory board meeting. Six US-based participants – including disease specialists, nurse practitioners, and medical directors – answered 15 questions. Before the start of the over-time session, participants joined a live one-hour webcast to understand session objectives and how to use the platform.

To obtain the highest-quality feedback from the participants, the team opted to use a combination of open-ended questions accompanied by images – allowing participants to provide as much information as they wished – and document annotation, in which participants added comments and suggestions in a collaborative environment. Questions in the session included What does the term ‘lapsed user’ mean to you?Would you use a different phrase for patients who have stopped/started this medication? and Do you feel the content or statistics on this page are new or compelling information to you?






All of the contracted participants took part in the session, and moderators were highly engaged throughout. The commercial team agreed that the live webcast helped to provide participants with additional information about the marketing materials being reviewed, and had the additional benefit of building rapport between participants before the over-time session began. The team met its stated objectives for the session:

  1. Collected feedback on the new marketing materials
  2. Received insight on patients who have different experiences using the drug
  3. Gathered reactions on proposed messaging about drug copays


Participants responses


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