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March 13, 2024

How will AI really change pharma? Medical affairs speaks out

Insight into how medical affairs leaders are navigating the potential of AI amid vast amounts of data and unstoppable timelines.
how ai can change pharma

Panelists from Amgen, AstraZeneca, J&J, and Sanofi joined Within3 CEO Lance Hill and Impatient Health’s Paul Simms to discuss a perenially popular topic: how artificial intelligence will continue to impact medical affairs.

Ahead of the discussion, we polled the audience to understand their insights management challenges. We wanted to know what impact their insights currently have on decisions and organizational achievements and whether or not they fear “acting too late” when working with insights.

About 60% of our medical affairs audience know their insights contribute to organizational goals, but not consistently. And while a lucky 5% of respondents say they’re mostly timely when it comes to using insights to make decisions, the vast majority – 76% – say they occasionally or frequently feel like the moment to act has passed them by.

What can we learn from these answers? For one thing, medical affairs teams need a way to ensure they have more impact on the wider organization. As the brokers of insights within their companies, medical teams have a unique opportunity to be true strategic partners to their cohorts in clinical and commercial teams.

Medical affairs teams also need a way to accelerate their insights reporting so they can make decisions based on more current, accurate, and holistic information.

Other revelations from our polling:

  • 46% of the audience said they are “just beginning to understand” the potential of AI
  • 35% cite the lack of technological skills as the biggest barrier to integration of new technologies
  • 44% say synthesizing and analyzing large data sets is the most time-consuming aspect of pharma insights reporting

What else are medical affairs leaders thinking about AI in pharma? Our new infographic, “Where does medical affairs stand on AI’s potential,” tells the whole story.

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