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June 20, 2023

Within3 in Pharmaphorum: epiphanies in an insights-starved industry

What does pharma need to make better decisions amid vast amounts of data?
better insights for pharma

Pharmaphorum editor Nicole Raleigh caught up with our CEO Lance Hill at the Reuters Pharma event in Barcelona earlier this year. The topic: why the pharma industry is starved of insights despite more data accumulating daily.

With all the information available to pharma teams, data from different sources is often fragmented, regional, and disconnected, slowing down decision-making timeframes and depriving teams of epiphanic moments that can inform more confident decisions. And teams may find it difficult to keep up with multiple audiences across many channels, including in-person events, social platforms, structured and unstructured health data, and one-on-one conversations with HCPs in the field.

How can pharmaceutical teams sort through all of this information to surface meaningful insights? And what is the ultimate impact of failing to obtain those insights in a manner timely enough to impact critical decisions?

Hill defined insights as the epiphany moments that permit the right actions and determine the trajectory of a therapy.

In this compact 11-minute discussion, Raleigh and Hill also touch on the commercial aspect of drug development, including productivity and costs, and how the Within3 insights management platform combines advanced technology like artificial intelligence with asynchronous engagement to help pharma teams quickly summarize large amounts of data.

Listen to the full episode here or on platforms including iTunes, Spotify, acast, Stitcher, and Podbean.

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