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March 18, 2024

Within3 and Array announce partnership to set new standards in life science stakeholder engagement

The new alliance aims to revolutionize pharma engagement with unprecedented insights.
within3 and array partnership

To transform life science stakeholder engagement, Within3 and Array announced a strategic partnership integrating synchronous and asynchronous insights management. This partnership is driven by recognizing a market gap and the desire to offer clients a single, high-quality tech partner for comprehensive engagement solutions.

Within3’s AI-powered insights management platform and Array’s content engagement solution provide pharma companies and agencies with strategic advantages beyond engagement: a real-time view of the market integrating advisory board feedback, social listening, and field interactions, essential for medical and commercial strategies. The collaborative approach ensures that clients can opt for synchronous live engagement, asynchronous interactions, or a harmonious blend of both while providing comprehensive insights reporting.

“We’ve observed the evolving market and realized our combined technologies fulfill a crucial need,” shared Lance Hill, CEO of Within3. “Within3 is the emerging standard in insights management; by aligning our services with Array’s live event insights, we provide clients with a comprehensive channel to plug into the insights management platform.”

The partnership’s operational model leverages Within3’s flexible content delivery with Array’s expertise in fostering real-time engagement. The offering is expected to broaden its reach into the engagement category, offering clients a more complete and efficient solution. With a shared commitment to client satisfaction and successful program execution, Array and Within3 will facilitate meaningful interactions between healthcare professionals, patients, agencies, and pharmaceutical stakeholders by leveraging the advantages of both engagement and insights models, redefining the industry standard.

“We’re looking forward to offering this new avenue for our clients,” explains Marc Crawford, CEO of Array. “We intend to deliver a comprehensive, real-time, personalized experience with unparalleled, holistic insights.”

The partnership marks a significant step forward for clients who have worked with Within3 or Array. For healthcare professionals, patients, agencies, and pharmaceutical stakeholders, this collaboration means access to clearer, more effective engagement strategies and data-driven support that simplifies complex decision-making and enhances the impact of their work in the life science field.

For more information about Within3’s and Array’s transformative engagement solutions, visit and, respectively.

Within3 is the world leader in life science insights management. The Within3 Insights Management Platform gathers, integrates, and analyzes insights better than any other platform on the market, reducing insight reporting from months to days and eliminating 90% of the workload. Companies use Within3 to drive strategy-impacting decisions up to 3x faster and ensure the customer’s voice is heard across the enterprise. To learn more about the insights management platform or to request a demo, visit

Array is a content engagement partner for life sciences events – with nearly 20 years’ experience at over 10,000 events. Our unique combination of technology and services is proven to improve business results by engaging more than 90% of audience members and increasing knowledge transfer while collecting meaningful analytics down to the individual participant level for actionable insights. Array combines technical support, event production expertise, and analytics interpretation and guidance to maximize the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid life sciences events.


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