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May 16, 2023

Lance Hill in Gold Magazine

CEO Lance Hill talks about his key challenges, his day-to-day, and how he measures success.
insights management software

At the Reuters Pharma event in Barcelona last month, Within3 CEO Lance Hill spoke with Isabel O’Brien about the challenge of creating a market for insights management software, a typical day in his life as CEO, and his personal and professional measures of success.

“I had always heard the adage ‘access to healthcare’ and knew that many people would go to their primary care physician and be steered one way or another,” explained Hill when asked about how and why he founded Within3. “Then I began to realize that for many people, your access to healthcare is really only as good as your primary care physician…That led me down this path of looking at communication issues. And ultimately, I found the niche for Within3, which is bringing therapies to market and ensuring patients have access to the right therapies at the right time.”

On an average day as CEO, Hill finds himself switching gears often, getting in one mindset for one meeting or conversation before shifting to something very different. “You’re maybe talking with product, then a client, then marketing, then the board. So, I try to use my time as wisely as I can, but that’s also what makes it interesting.”

Key challenges for Hill include informing the market about a better way to solve a common problem: what happens when pharma teams can’t get the insights they need to drive strategy and make important decisions. “We’re pushing the market and saying: ‘here is a problem that you may not really have thought about, let alone having thought about the solution that we can offer to that problem’,” says Hill. “It can be difficult to educate people on what’s possible, especially in life sciences with it being a siloed and heavily regulated industry.”

Read the entire article in Gold Magazine.

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