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August 6, 2020

Within3 CEO Lance Hill in PharmaTimes: How life sciences companies will navigate remote work

Remote work and collaboration will be the new normal for life sciences companies, according to Within3 CEO Lance Hill in PharmaTimes.

PharmaTimes spoke with our CEO, Lance Hill about remote working in the life sciences industry. COVID-19 has made the transition to digital and virtual more urgent. “As home working becomes a more popular option around the world, companies may have to adjust to make sure they don’t miss out on any of the ‘spontaneous interactions’ that can happen at an office,” Lance told Pharma Times. “This can be addressed by making sure everyone has an equal voice and feels they can query or challenge everything. Meaning people can proactively reach out to someone to ask why we’re doing something or offer some feedback. Not only does this make people more involved in what we’re pushing to achieve as a company, but it also encourages more open discussions and innovation.”

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