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December 20, 2023

CEO Lance Hill in PM360

Who’s the boss? According to our own boss, CEO Lance Hill: customers, investors, and employees all have critical roles.
Q&A with CEO Lance Hill

In PM360, Andrew Matthius sits down for a brief Q&A with CEO Lance Hill.

During the discussion, Hill shared that context is one of the most important things for employees, particularly in a business driven by innovation. “If you don’t give people context as to where something fits and why,” explains Hill, “then everyone’s intelligence actually starts to work against you because people may head off in a different direction that doesn’t bring the whole company together.”

Hill also shared that a leader’s ability to distill complex issues into understandable messages is essential, particularly in fast-growing companies where complexity can hinder progress. He underlines the significance of empathy in shaping a company culture that accommodates diverse staff and fosters creativity, as opposed to rigid, system-centric models.

A good leader can make the complicated simple. – Lance Hill, CEO, Within3

As for who is ultimately “the boss,” Hill cites a brief meeting with Magic Johnson a few years ago that reinforced why customer satisfaction is paramount to financial health. “[Johnson] said one of the early pieces of advice he got was, ‘If a company isn’t winning financially, then all the other goals you have don’t matter.’ And if the customers aren’t happy, then you’re not going to win financially.”

Read the complete Q&A with CEO Lance Hill in PM360.

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