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January 20, 2023

Lance Hill in PharmExec: a bright future for medical affairs

Within3’s CEO shares how technology offers a tech-enabled way forward.
tech enabled future of medical affairs

Within3 CEO Lance Hill recently presented a compelling vision of the tech-enabled future of medical affairs: one where processes and people are tech-enabled to achieve better results.

After Hill’s talk, PharmExec grabbed a few minutes to hear more about the changing role of medical affairs, what data insights medical affairs may need and how AI, analytics, and technology, like an insights management platform, can help in the medical affairs role.

There’s a tremendous amount of interest in really understanding artificial intelligence, and how artificial intelligence is directly impacting this idea of bringing in insights from the field – unstructured text and notes, basically – and being able to turn them into action very quickly.

For medical affairs teams, what is the impact of being able to act in response to new information? Organizations may be able to shorten development timelines, avoid delays across all stages of the product life cycle, and ultimately get treatments to patients faster.

Get more insights in this short video.

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