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August 1, 2023

Product news: August platform release cuts moderation, analysis, and reporting time by 90%

The latest news from our product team includes a dramatic rethinking of how insights are collected and shared.
product news

By Jaclyn Clark, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager

Within3 is excited to announce the newest release of its insights management platform, focused exclusively on HCP and patient engagement capabilities.

What drove us to improve the best life science engagement platform on the market? We challenged ourselves to combine what we’ve learned in 15 years of working with the world’s top pharma companies with the experiences of the 70,000+ HCPs and patients who have engaged on our platform and improve it across three key areas: simplicity, power, and automation.

The result is an updated engagement experience that achieves our singular goal: a platform simple and convenient enough for the busiest of doctors, yet powerful enough for the most critical insight quests.

Watch a short video about Moderator Assistant.

Building on the best

Within3’s engagement capabilities are already known for driving 3-7x the stakeholder feedback of any traditional meeting – whether in-person or virtual – and this release solidifies a new position in insight generation for life science teams.

This update combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with an updated, modern user experience to drive more healthcare engagement and insights.

  • Intelligent direction drives participants through the session and keeps them updated on new contributions and next engagement tasks – get better participation and more complete insight from every engagement
  • Completely updated mobile user experience enables teams on the go – from doctors between appointments or medical affairs teams collaborating on insights at a congress
  • The completely new Moderator Assistant – the support you didn’t know you needed. Moderator Assistant combs through responses in real-time so you don’t have to, serving up conversation summaries, recommending follow-up actions, and enabling you to drive further conversation and deeper insights in less time

Addressing the industry’s biggest challenges

After years of hearing from the market, we know that aggregating and understanding insights is a priority for pharmaceutical teams. In our insights management survey, 76% of industry leaders told us that the way data and insights are shared and stored within their organization creates separate data silos, which obstructs generating or sharing insights efficiently.

In updating the full user experience and adding Moderator Assistant, we can dramatically lower this barrier by supporting more intuitive, complete, and thorough engagements. When your engagement concludes, your next steps are already underway, allowing your team to make faster decisions that directly impact your strategy.

In 2023, we’ve made progress in becoming the must-have solution for integrated life science insights management – offering aggregated reporting across disease community insights, social media conversation monitoring, and HCP and patient engagement. And while we’re excited about what we’ve built, we cannot wait to continue innovating and supporting the industry’s ultimate goal – accelerating science and improving patient outcomes.

Book a demo to see Moderator Assistant and the updated user experience in action.

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