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June 22, 2023

Experts discuss: bridging science and business to show true medical value

In this on-demand webinar, medical affairs and medical excellence leaders discuss how insights management is evolving.
insights for true medical value

Earlier this month, we released the results of our insights management survey revealing that 79% of medical affairs leaders use less than half of the data they collect to generate insights. And 76% of respondents said that their current methods of sharing and storing data and insights create internal silos in their organizations.

Last week, medical affairs leadership from Idorsia, Spark Therapeutics, and Within3 unpacked the implications of these findings in a Reuters Events webinar: “Bridging science and business: leverage medical insights to showcase true medical value.”

Led by Within3 CEO Lance Hill, the expert panel discussed how medical affairs teams can implement insights management strategies and practices to mitigate their most pressing issues. Idorsia’s Leona Blustein emphasized the importance of performance tracking, listening priorities, and strategic imperatives. “If we don’t know what we should be listening for,” she said, “we can’t be certain we are disseminating the right information.”

Panelist Vic Ho concurred that understanding quantity doesn’t always equal quality is paramount to getting the most from insights management. “We need to make sure we aren’t measuring the volume of insights as the metric of the system working.”

“Familiarize yourself with the technology out there. It’s not the same from 18 months ago, and it’s a really exciting time.” – Lance Hill, CEO, Within3

Hill encouraged medical affairs leaders to take a fresh look at tech-enabled solutions, which have grown more powerful to support the industry’s complex work patterns. While our research revealed that many medical affairs teams understand the need to invest in technology, they are often reluctant due to legacy solutions already in place.

But as Hill pointed out, making a change can give teams needed agility. “What’s the advantage of nimbleness in the market? Stopping things that aren’t working and doing more of what is.” Idorsia’s Blustein agreed. “The value of being able to utilize a single solution can produce major a-ha moments when it comes to finding insights.”

If you missed it live, check out the recording and conversation on-demand.

You can also access a new white paper that takes a deep dive into the survey results, featuring experts from Astellas, MAPS, Merck, Pfizer, Spark Therapeutics, and more. Download “Medical affairs vs. an explosion of data: focusing on insights that matter.”

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