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December 1, 2023

Top ten: our most popular posts and resources

Catch up on the industry’s most-read articles and resources from 2023.
top 10 pharma resources

In 2023, conversations about artificial intelligence grabbed almost all the headlines. But beyond the excitement of new technology that helps pharma teams work more efficiently, there were many other hot topics, too: the continuing evolution of the medical affairs role, the possibilities of social listening, the value of customer insights, and more. In the spirit of end-of-the-year wrap-ups, we’ve compiled our most popular blog posts and resources from the year about to end. Have you seen and shared all of these top 10 pharma resources?

Check the list below and catch up on what you’ve missed. We weren’t surprised to see our definitive guide to AI in pharma make the list alongside podcast episodes on medical congress social monitoring and the importance of good pharma change management. Review the list below to listen, learn, and share.

Top 10 life science articles and resources

1 How much is enough? Data, insights, and the Goldilocks equation
2 Podcast: Eavesdropping on congresses? The secret to pharma teams’ success
3 The insight gap is pharma’s most expensive problem. What’s the solution?
4 August platform release cuts moderation, analysis, and reporting time by 90%
5 Hearing every voice: Galapagos initiative puts the focus on patients
6 Getting more feedback to identify market opportunities
7 Success story: congress social monitoring
8 Podcast: Pharma needs change management to make tech more effective
9 How to reveal the invisible college and pull away from competition
10 Understanding generative AI and ChatGPT in pharma

You can also read last year’s top 10 list and catch up with our podcast episodes.

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