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November 1, 2023

Within3 in PM360

The pitfalls of medical affairs data management and what the future might hold for teams that can adapt.
medical affairs data management

In PM360, Within3 VP Insights Management Solutions Group Kristen Bushka writes about changes facing pharma organizations amid the challenge of medical affairs data management and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). How are teams navigating this evolution, and what’s ahead for AI in medical affairs?

“Without a doubt,” writes Bushka, “pharma’s primary mission is to create and provide treatments for patients. While noble and necessary, this mission does not automatically align pharma teams with the sophisticated IT expertise required for modern data management and analytics.” This dichotomy will become even more stark as AI plays a larger role in medical affairs work.

“The challenge, therefore, is not just about handling vast volumes of data but about ensuring that this data is leveraged effectively to guide the decision-making process.”

Among the pitfalls of medical affairs data management are multiple data sources and siloed storage, lack of technical expertise, limited bandwidth, an often fragmented IT infrastructure, and regulatory concerns.

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Bushka says that the path forward is to address these pitfalls through various tactics and a shift in mindset from simply managing data to interpreting it in a way that aligns with the broader company’s goals and patients’ needs.

Read the full article in PM360.

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