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September 13, 2022

Within3 announces the evolution of industry-first insights management platform

The amplified iteration of the platform transforms the potential for market visibility, research collaboration, and business decision-making in life science.
insights management platform enhancements

Within3 announces new enhancements to its industry-first insights management platform for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. With more than 40 engagement applications across the platform, life science organizations can now better understand their markets, increase the volume and diversity of insights, and accelerate decision-making across the drug development lifecycle – in a single, intuitive, and bespoke platform.

Life science organizations need insights to make better business decisions more quickly. Within3’s research reveals that 42% of medical affairs professionals said they struggle most with quickly translating information into action – and the industry’s increasing investment in technology to analyze data bears this out.

The platform enhancements are an evolution of the company’s ‘select, connect, discover’ insights management solution launched last September. The new, bespoke experience allows life science companies the clarity they need to answer their most pressing questions, including knowledge of their target market, insight from stakeholders, and how to turn that insight into action.

Enhance market understanding

The Within3 Insights Management Platform simplifies the development of tailored market mapping. Dashboards bring prefiltered treatment patterns and locations of HCP influence, as well as identifying influential HCPs for engagement, while customizable definitions of disease communities answer highly specific questions. Year-round social listening, across the most relevant digital conversations, further refines and enhances market understanding.

Gain more – and more diverse – insight

Engagement is the key that unlocks insight, and Within3’s Insights Management Platform brings together technologies to drive powerful communications.

Asynchronous communication capabilities ensure that participant conversations continue across geographies and time zones, facilitated by in-conversation translation of more than 100 languages.

The Within3 Insights Management Platform further enhances participant experiences with conversation moderation, real-time notation, and co-creation of documents.
Deploying the platform’s asynchronous communication and enhanced collaborative capabilities alone will see typical efficiencies of an 80% reduction in travel and related expenses, 50% honoraria cost savings, and up to twice the level of engagement and stakeholder participation.

Turn insight into action

Insight is nothing without action. Within3 translates insights using sophisticated analysis – delivered through its Insights Management Platform.

Life science organizations can now easily identify trending concepts using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The Insights Management Platform also provides access to Within3’s industry-leading analytics and customer success teams, optimizing the value of insights – from research and discovery through product launch and beyond.

“Within3 delivers an industry first: this is a platform that will help to accelerate and inform decision making across the entire drug and device development lifecycle,” says Within3 CEO Lance Hill. “Built on the foundations of proven Within3 technologies, the Insights Management Platform solves some of life science’s most persistent challenges: identifying the most influential partners; engaging them more effectively and efficiently; and driving value from insights as never before.”

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