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February 1, 2024

Within3’s Jason Smith in Journal of mHealth

Patient insights are valuable and should be prioritized as a critical piece of any insight-gathering strategy.
true value of patient insights

In the Journal of mHealth, Within3 Chief Technology Officer Jason Smith writes about the value of patient insights and how pharma teams can harness them to their full potential.

“The quest for these ‘a-ha’ moments extends beyond data accumulation; it involves delving into the intricate tapestry of patient experiences, clinical trials, and drug reactions,” writes Smith. “The power of these insights lies in their rarity and transformative capability to shape strategies and cater directly to customer needs.”

When repurposed effectively, patient insight paves the way for a future more attuned to the needs of those it serves. This reorientation fosters an environment where patients are not just recipients of care but are active participants in their health journey, improving care for others. Insights facilitate the creation of tailored solutions and treatments, steering healthcare toward a more empathetic and patient-centric culture.

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“It is imperative to understand that patient insights are not just data points but narratives that transcend the confines of clinical trials and drug reactions,” says Smith. “Insights guide the healthcare industry toward a more compassionate and effective approach.”

Read the full article in Journal of mHealth.

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